Geo-conquesting – Increasing market share with strategic geofencing

Geo-conquesting is a geofencing technique that has been developed to help businesses capture market share in a competitive world. Businesses can target the customer base of their competitors and possibly win them over. Geo-conquesting uses location-based marketing to target users near competitor locations and offer them incentives to switch. Read more now on healthcare geofencing marketing

1. Geo-conquesting relies on precise targeting. Businesses can identify customers by setting up virtual boundaries around the locations of competitors.

2. Tailored Offers : Businesses can send personalized offers, discounts or incentives to users once they enter the geofenced area. This encourages customers to switch brands in order to get a better deal.

3. Comparative Advertising: Geo-conquesting allows businesses to highlight their unique selling propositions in comparison with competitors. This approach is designed to educate consumers about the advantages of switching brands.

4. Geo-fenced Events: Geo-conquesting is particularly effective at events with competitors present. Businesses can target event locations and engage attendees by offering them offers that encourage the exploration of alternatives.

5. Location-Specific Content: Geo-conquesting campaign can provide users relevant content, testimonials and reviews from customers that have switched. This will build credibility and trust for the new brand.

6. Data-driven Insights: Analyzing geo-conquesting campaign success provides valuable insights on consumer behavior, conversion rates and engagement patterns. These data are used to inform future marketing strategies.

7. Instead of destroying the reputation of your competitors, focus on highlighting what you have to offer.

8. Monitoring competitor moves: Geo-conquesting offers you the chance to monitor your competitors’ movements and evaluate their impact on campaigns.

Geo-conquesting, in conclusion, is a geofencing strategy that allows businesses to gain share of the market by targeting their competitors’ customers. Geo-conquesting enables businesses to engage customers with impactful interactions through precise targeting, tailored advertising, comparative advertising and event engagement. It also provides data-driven insights as well as ethical considerations. Geo-conquesting is set to become more important in marketing strategies as technology and competitive landscapes evolve. Businesses can use geofencing strategically to carve out a niche.

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